We will bill your insurance coverage for all claims. This does not release you from financial responsibility for denied claims.

Payment is expected at the time of service. This includes copays, coinsurance and deductibles. We will collect your Insurance's allowbale fee for the service provided. We verify eligibility and whether your deductible has been met before your appointment. Let us know if you have a Health Savings Account or Health Reimbursement Account and we can explain how these accounts can help you meet the patient responsibility for our services.

We participate with the following insurance companies.

We have agreed to accept the fees for our services from the above insurance companies. If you have other insurance, you may be billed for the difference between our fee, and what that insurance pays.


We emphasize payment at the time of service so that patients are aware of their responsibility for payment. It also helps to reduce the number of statements that must be mailed. This in turn helps to reduce our costs. Signing up on the patient portal has many advantages to patients. In addtion to being able to check on your appointments and test results, patients are able to view their statements and can opt out of receiving paper statements.

Contact the office, (716) 483-6700 for help geting on the portal. You will need an activation code from us. If we can verify your identity over the phone, the activation code can be supplied over the phone. If you desire a family member to have portal access we will mail the portal letter to the patient unless the patient is under age 13. For patients under age 13, parents can have portal access.


No Insurance?

In addition, if you do not have insurance, as a National Health Service Corps member Jamestown Primary Care will not deny essential medical services to patients because of an inability to pay. Discounts are available based upon family size and income. We offer a sliding fee scale based upon Federal Poverty Guidelines. Please call us to apply. 

We also encourage patients to go to www.wcahospital.org and download the patient discount form so that you can get help to pay for xrays and lab work. Remember, the doctors order these tests but the hospital bills for them.
Please call Cindy Sampson, our Certified Professional Coder, with any billing questions directly at (716) 488-1949